ThinkZik Mobile App

Project Objective: To create an all in one company app with features like chat system,  company news feed, events & meetings system and reminders. The app is intended to be used exclusively for companies to consolidate and connect all their employees under one portal.

We developed a cross platform solution for IOS and Android with multiple page template options and features to control color scheme and app icons such that no two apps can look the same.


Some of the features incorporated for ThinkZik app includes:

  • Chat system with personal and group chat
  • News feed system with bifurcation for company and user posts
  • Replies & comments on posts and updates
  • Set events or meetings and invite users. Check RSVP status on the invitees
  • Set reminders for meetings or other tasks
  • Multiple templates for dashboard and news feed system
  • Push notifications to receive chat and other updates
  • Admin permission system to approve posts and other content



Design Prototype of ThinkZik App:

Click on the mobile screen for hotspot links and navigate through all the app pages…


ThinkZik color scheme


Thinkzik screens


Thinkzik Isometric

Project Details

  • Category: Design, Mobile Apps
  • Client: ThinkZik