Films Division of India

Project Details
The Films Division of India project is based on WordPress as a tool well integrated into a contemporary responsive HTML5 based design, it facilitates the need of a Content Management System [CMS] for the organisation to keep up to date various Tenders and Documentaries they publish along with their Archives which is also available to purchase on their online store developed on top of WordPress itself as an E-Commerce portal thus enabling a unified system where based on various user levels content as well as orders can be managed.
About Films Division
The Films Division of India was established in 1948 to articulate the energy of a newly independent nation. For more than six decades, the organization has relentlessly striven to maintain a record of the social, political and cultural imaginations and realities of the country on film. It has actively worked in encouraging and promoting a culture of film-making in India that respects individual vision and social commitment.

Project Details

  • Category: Design, Web Development, E-commerce
  • Client: Films Division of India
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