Citrus Pay

Project Objective: To revamp the old website with a responsive CMS in WordPress. A website that loads under 3 seconds in any device was one of the primary agenda of this project.

Project Description
Citrus Pay is a WordPress website that is completely responsive with a modern look matching the brand personality. The website load time of 2.5 seconds is one of the things that stands out in this project.

Citrus website is packed with utility features for quick content modification. The theme of the website allows to create flexible templates which empowers the admin to create varied looks for each page in terms of design and content. Managing media files takes no longer than a few seconds via the powerful WordPress Backend.

About Citrus Pay
Citrus aims to be a fast, convenient, safe, portable and  reusable single stop payment solutions provider making the digital payments and online checkout processes simpler and safer for the 800 million electronically connected user base.

How we achieved 2.5 seconds load time:

Optimizing several components of the website allowed us to meet our goal. Cutting down http requests along with minifying and minimizing critical files proved vital in bringing down the overall load time of the website. Here are some of the areas we optimized:

Leverage browser caching

Inline minification of CSS, JS, HTML

Image optimization for web

Memory Cache, APC, GZIP

Minimized HTTP requests, Minimize redirects

Avoid bad requests

Serve static content from a cookie-less domain

The Result:


Project Details

  • Category: Web Development
  • Client: Citrus Pay
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