Alcatel Lucent – Neoteric Portal

Project Objective: To develop an e-portal with a purpose to add and download catalog products for Alcatel-Neoteric members. The requirement was to create an e-store which enabled only approved members to download digital products from Alcatel Lucent – Neoteric portal.

Project Description

The Alcatel – Neoteric portals works on the similar lines as an e-commerce store except instead of allowing visitors to purchase tangible products, it allows only admin approved members to download digital products which in turn is used for marketing and promotion activities for Alcatel Lucent products.

The feature list involved developing a Catalog Management, Product Management & Member Management system with download item functionality where members can download one or multiple items from the item detail page in a zip or any digital format (jpg, pdf, png, GIF).

About Alcatel Lucent Enterprise

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise provides communication solutions and services to businesses of all sizes. Their secure and open portfolio and worldwide industry expertise helps you interconnect networks, people, processes and knowledge to transform your business into a dynamic enterprise.



Project Details

  • Category: Web Development, E-commerce
  • Client: Alcatel Lucent Enterprise
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